Monday, December 7, 2009

What your little heart desires

My love language is "Gifts."  No surprise is it?  The thing is, a good gift is not about what is inside, or how much money was spent.  A good gift is tangible evidence that the giver was thinking about me.  How well does the giver "get" me?  How much time was put into the thought?  (so is my love language really "Quality Time?"  hmmmm...ponder later) 

Doug once brought me home a Diet Coke and a magazine when he was out and thinking of me.  He was thinking of me.
That was a great gift.
Don't you love the "no reason at all" gifts?

The other thing is, love languages are also how we show love.  For me, it's not just about getting gifts, but also giving gifts (but I am not altruistic enough to say that I would rather give than receive--I choose both). 

What is it about the apple and the tree?  Olivia has had her gifts purchased (or made) and wrapped for over a week.  She loves this stuff!

 This morning I was daydreaming and wondering what my OMA might want if money were no object.  Then I got wondering what my list would look like if money were no object.
What would you have on your list?
And what do you really have on your list, since money is actually an object?

Gimme some feedback.  I'm desperate enough to hear from you that I am going to give away a pair of Tallulahs earrings to one of my friends who actually shares a daydream with me (hey, this little gimmick garnered Anna 1174 comments so far...).
On December 16th  I will draw a name from the comments posted.

Seriously, I'd love for us to daydream together.

 If you win, you will receive a pretty package in time to put under your tree.  Just in case you don't get what your little heart desires...

(and just know that it will be really embarrassing if I don't get any comments)


Kimberly said...

I think you are cute that you are willing to bribe peopleto post comments. I have just gotten into the blog reading thing and don't even know all who have blogs and what the addresses are. So I'm glad I am able to add your blog to my bookmark list. In response to your question. If money were not the issue... I would want a house of my own to live in with my little family. But what is really on my list? The scrapbook paper stack called nana's nursery, the boy stack.

Oma said...

A family cruise...Oma

sujensen said...

Of course mine is easy. Although it isn't exaclty the same as what you asked. Mine would be, if money could buy anything, any sort of happiness, (Which we truly know it does not.) Anyhow, since we are daydreaming, I would buy some time wtih my daughters. Don't know that I would necessarily bring them back here, as they are so good where they are, rather, perhaps I could meet them somewhere. Somewhere that I could see them, hear them, touch them, and even smell them. I would only ask for a few short minutes. I would even settle for brief seconds.
It is all of these yearnings that make the heart ache, but at the same time, the yearnings is what makes all of their wonderful memories mean so much. It is what keeps them forever alive in my heart. Then at the end of the day, it is also what makes me realize that what I had with them was worth far more than any money can ever buy.
It is days like that, that I realize I am rich indeed.
Please accept my apologies for going off on a different course.
I saw your post in FB and this is the first time I have been to your blog. I look forward to coming back and catching up with all you have posted.
Hope your day is going great!
Mine is good, as I have tons to be thankful for.

johnsoncircus said...

Cindy! I didn't know you had a blog. I'll add you to my blog list. my love language is gifts too, quality time is a close second. I feel the same way about gifts it's not the price it's the amount of thought. Sometimes a coke and a magazine are priceless!
Now you need to check out my blog!

harleymama said...

I want you to know that I love you and I always read your blog, I just never comment. But since you asked for Christmas list daydreams, I thought I'd share mine. On my "Money is no object" list I have a house and a car that fits my family comfortably. On my "Money is an object" list I have some books and tv shows I've been wanting, but I mostly just want my boys to have a good Christmas.

The Simon Family said...

Hi Cindy! I didn't know you had a blog! I love reading it! Thanks for adding me on your FB. :) We have a blog too! It's private, so I'll need to add you guys to my list. It's

rose said...

I love the pink presents this year, can't wait to come home to them. and I love getting the no-reason gifts you always give me, but I sorely need to work on my gift-giving skills.

I have already gathered a few this year-- mostly things that I want but can't justify buying for myself, so I will give them as gifts instead. Guess I'll see if that works.

on my own list is a yoga mat, I just decided. and most importantly warm pajamas. if money were no object, pfff. clothing maybe? too dangerous to ponder for long.

Haley said...

Hey Cin -
I will share my inner-dreams for a chance at some earrings! LOL!

If money were no object, I would not own anything except a small suitcase with a few necessities that I wouldn't want to hassle with buying as I went along (like some pretty jewelry and maybe some deodorant). Then I would take the crazy family and travel the world; visiting the sights, saints, and temples as we went. Then when we had seen enough or worn ourselves out, I would buy a ranch outside of Managua and teach people to "fish"! Miss you! Haley.

P.S. The earrings looked great at the auction!

Mandee said...

I will comment without the added bonus of a possible pair of your fabulous earrings how's that for family affection?! If money were no object....a trip somewhere historic as well as romantic...the possibilities are endless! But because money is an issue I am in desperate need of perfume.

June said...

I have your blog on my Google Reader and read every post. I have been meaning to tell you how much I like the colors in your photo in a recent post--the one with the bit of golden leaves in the middle. I don't read your posts just because you are my relative. ;-) My problem is that the more blogs I read, the less I write in my own. I'm getting a little bummed about it. I THINK of a lot of neat things to write about, though. And I love that your kids are on Facebook! Merry Christmas!

edge6pack said...

I saw your plea on FB for Comments, so here I am! I am so glad to reconnect with you. It has been way to long. After I leave your blogspot I am going to go to your Jewelry page! I love Jewelry! What happen to the blankets. My Lulu still has the blanket you all made for her!


Jenni Horne said...

First, Cindy you have the cutest blog. You like words.....just mike me ;). Often drives my introverted friend crazy. But as an extrovert (which you definately are) we feel a need to conversate with anyone, even if it is in cyberland. It's a part of who we are. Love you. can buy me anything? I'd order up a new house like Amy Butler's with a basement entirely decked out as an art studio for my children and I. There. My want. Have a great day!

Anne Parke Photography said...

I would have a larger studio where I could spread out and have large format printers and employees to help me make my own fine art prints...and a full time photoshop person to help me with work orders...and a camera room with a hard wood floor and an easier system for moving backdrops around..and more money to advertise and promote the studio and my photography business...
but since money IS a huge consideration, I'll settle for making more money in 2010 so that I can possibly get the studio on the north side of the building which is larger and has pretty north light. His lease is up in we'll see.
Love the bribe idea...I'm going to steal it!!

Carolfrog said...

If money were no object, I would want unlimited supplies of money! (I wish for unlimited wishes . . .) :) Well, really, just a million dollars or so would be fine. :) Or . . . my own castle, made of stone, with captain's walk and cozy library.

What's really on my list? Well, a book would do. Preferably hardcover. :)

I really don't need earrings, btw. Maybe you should leave family members out of the drawing. Not that I wouldn't appreciate them, though, if I happened to win. :)

Lorinda said...

I'm not posting this for earrings. Although, can you ever have too many? What i really need is your wish list... both the object and the no object (as if i have all the money in the world). I love your wrapping station. You kind of inspired me to turn one of my hall drawers into a wrapping drawer and when Cherie and I were dejunking, we turned that drawer into 3 drawers. I knew you'd be proud.
My wish list? time. and energy. of course, it's like babies. we only appreciate them because they stay babies for such a short time. If we had an unlimited supply of continual babies, we'd be about sick of barfing and crying and pooping all over. even the cooing would get annoying. eventually.

Tawnie said...

#1 - Get out of debt for Christmas.
#2 - Take the kids to Disneyland

Realistic - a new pair of shoes. :)

The Mendoza Family said...

Wow, if $ weren't an object, I would want it all!! A huge gorgeous house complete with a maid and sweet cars, a kitchen always stocked full of food and my own bakery.
But since $ is an object, I want $ to not be an object. That's my wish. I'm tired of being broke! Perhaps I should wish for that rich husband we all swore we were going to marry. Anyway, it's fun to dream! Thanks for letting me play!

Loveland Family said...

What would I do with money? Get my basement finished and pay off our debts -- In reality, not much is on my list I really want my kids to be happy!

June said...

I forgot to leave a wish! I WISH that I can do 300 reasonably good-quality posts on my blog for 2010! I cannot believe it has been so long already since Y2K!

Jennifer said...

I wish I could stop being so careful about money. I think and rethink through every purchase and end up spending small amounts on things I don't really love, instead of spending a little more on something that is what I really want. Phooey!
Does that cover "object" and "no object"?

The Cannon Family said...

If money were no object, I'd get a new wardrobe, whiten my teeth, decorate our playroom and go on a vacation with my husband. On my reality list: watching my kids get excited about their gifts :)