Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pretty packages all tied up with string or Judging by the Cover

More about my love language...

Let me just state up front:  I have a gift wrap station.  I have tried to hide this fact for years, and now it is out there in cyberspace.  Someday it may be a whole room, but for now it is a tall and shiny silver table that makes me happy.

I love a pretty package.  

(photo by my lovely and talented SIL, Jen)
Even if I am only buying a bar of soap at a boutique, I float out of the store when my bag has tissue and ribbons.  Barbara and I knew this when we started Tallulahs.
We wanted our customer to always float away with a pretty package.
We laugh when we tell customers that even if the item is for themselves, they can put the beribboned box on their pillow at night and feel loved.
After years as the two lulus, it is still flattering to hear how much others look forward to receiving our little black pinstriped box as a gift.
I am happy to spread the joy.

(photo also by Jen)
My love of gift wrap started as a child when I wrapped our family Christmas presents.  Many friends complained about this chore.  I secretly enjoyed it.  And cafeteria spinach.
Maybe the joy of wrapping was from creasing the paper, or tying the ribbon (even though my family always had the cheap kind that wouldn't really tie), or maybe it was thinking about the anticipation of someone else opening it.  (Or could it be I liked knowing what everyone else was getting that year)

Does it get any better? 

It naturally followed that my first job was gift wrapping at a "mom and pop" department store in a little Idaho potato town.  Good times.  Seeing the packages leave the store and thinking about them under the trees and about the anticipation that goes with them...
well, I could get a little sappy here, but I've already gone on too long.
You can tell my passion for packages is a little warped.

And, since you've spent this long reading about my packages, jump on over to Lorinda's blog.  She wrote about Tallulahs' packages being one of her favorite things.  I am a little embarrassed about all the kind things she says, but I am willing to share this information with my good friends.  And to share a glimpse of one of my favorite people.

(one more confession:  I like my Christmas packages to coordinate and to have a theme.  You may call it a sickness.  I call it a joy) 

Now, I'm off to wrap some gifts.  Lucky me.

And don't forget to leave a comment on the previous post to be entered to win your own pretty package.  I will draw a name on December 16th and ship it in time to put under your own tree (or on your pillow).


Amy said...

I used to spend a lot of time wrapping my presents with care - now I'm just happy if I can get them hidden under some paper before the kids bust into my room!

Cindy said...

Oh, I get that visual, Amy.

Jennifer said...

It really is so much about the packaging, isn't it? Some of my favorite stores are rated because of their bags. I bought coordinating Christmas wrapping paper last year and loved the look so much I went back and bought more to make sure I could do it again. Stripes and polka dots and solids and ribbons--real ribbon that ties nice bows :-)
You do wrap a fabulous package. Love you.

Jennifer said...

One of our friends reuses gift bags every year for Christmas. Take the present out, fold them flat and put them away for next year. I tried it, but it was so unsatisfying!

bonnie jack said...

i wish a had a gift wrapping station. and coordinating papers. i love getting presents from you and jen. and marilee. and lorinda.