Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is Anna here?

Again, inspired by Anna's The Color of Stew I took photos of my garden.  I wonder if this is what Anna would see if she were here.


Lorinda said...

Wow! are these all taken in December? I'm moving to Etlanna. I told you that, right?

Cindy said...

I think they were taken just before Thanksgiving. But that one hydrangea is still blue. I finally cut them off to bring in and dry because it was threatening to freeze last night. And it did snow this AM! Just pretty big flakes, nothing that stuck.

You read this post, right:

So, when are you moving here? There are two houses available right on my street--and they are bargains right now! Mickey can find lots of jobs here. Much need for psychology experts. And customer service heroes, too!

Cindy said...

(cut the hydrangeas. The pansies and cabbage are winter flowers here. Crazy, huh? I thought the "little purple pansies" were only harbingers of Spring!)