Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do you have POP? and I don't mean soda

First let me say that I have long ago let go of the notion that I get to dress my children.
I console myself by saying, "this lets them express their creativity."
Some children express their creativity a little more exuberantly than others.

 Olivia styled herself for Music in the Mall.
She was pretty creative.
And festive.
And sparkly.

And frustrated.
Because she was not the stylist for the rest of the clan.
She said to her brothers,
"You have no Pizzaz!  Your clothes are so boring.  Is your hair up? Do you have a headband? Are you wearing Taffeta? Does your face sparkle?  I have ALL of those things.  Nothing about you pops!"
I think teenage boys prefer not to have pop.
But they sure like soda.
The boring Jackson and Eddie beside the lovely Rose

 (and happy 22nd anniversary, Doug)


Reba, fish in Russian said...

I quoted the words of Olivia the other day to Nate. "nate, where's your pizazz?!"
What a perfect thing for a sister to say to her brother.

bonnie jack said...

mmm...i think those boys have pizazz. they are so cute. and the girls too!