Friday, February 26, 2010

There Will be Blood

Project Runway has gotten into my blood.  
Last week I made two absolutely, perfectly, okay skirts.
But, since this week's PR episode was a rerun (probably due to those sports fanatics who would rather watch the olympics), I have taken it upon myself to create my own "challenge."

The challenge is to sew something from my stash.  Zero dollars to spend at Mode.
My plan is to sew a raw silk top, which will be adapted from a dress pattern.

Who do I think I am, Seth Aaron?

(sketches by Doris Dailard Rustad)

Grandma Doris was a fashion designer back in the days of glamour.
Maybe fashion design runs in the blood.
Or maybe just glamour.
Hopefully there will be a little bit of both in my blood today.
 Can I channel Grandma Doris?
Right after I get the kitchen counter clean enough to lay out silk...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


 Liz B. and I were talking about how we are the "Grand Poobah" of our companies.
We get to decide.
We decide how to sell, decide where to sell, decide sales price, decide sales target.
But I don't like selling. 
I don't want to be Grand Poobah.
And not just because it has poo in the name.

I am not a natural entrepreneur.
Why does it seem that being an entrepreneur is the goal in our society?
Why do I feel guilty that I don't want to be a leader?

I confess, I just want someone to tell me what to do.
(thanks Larua B. for the notepad--and for getting me)
This saying really strikes a nerve.
Hits a chord.
How is that said?  I am idiom challenged.
Oh, I just set myself up.
Like when I told Brian P. that my amazing ability to remember phone numbers was like that of an Idiot Savant.
His reply: "You've got that half right."
Let me rephrase:
My idioms are problematic.

So, do you know of someone hiring good taste?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sharing the pretty people

I thoroughly expected to see famous people at the Sundance Film Festival
I thoroughly expected to sit in a cafe and watch those pretty people.
I thoroughly expected myself to snap beautiful photos of those people to share with you.

Well, that didn't happen the way I expected.
I certainly saw pretty people.
But, as it turns out, I am not a great street photographer.
I'm too timid to approach people and ask, or even to snap a pic without asking. 
So this is what I have for you:

Rose spotted one of the Duplass brothers who directed Cyrus.
 (The picture was actually from much farther away)

That's it.
That's all i took.
My career as a street photographer is over.
I guess I will not be the next Sartorialist.
I'm still looking for what I want to be when I grow up.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that if you put warm lollipop dough in your mouth it will glue your lip to your teeth as it cools?  
If that happens, do not smile.
No matter what.

Creatively brilliant Olivia made a special valentine gift for me.
It was a power point presentation entitled
"Ideas for a Great Valentine's Day."
The "ideas" were several craft instructions.
And a red heart lollipop recipe.

(improvisation... funny, kids eat sugar no matter what it looks like)

All of these were for us to do together on Valentine's Day--
to show how much she loves me.

(Heart mobile in the making)
(Olivia and the heart mobile)

As I moved around the kitchen crunching sugar granules under my feet while sucking in my breath at the sight of Liv pouring corn syrup,
I know that I am not a good enough mother to deserve all that love.

 (that's a lot of love)

Later Eddie asks if anxiety disorder can be passed genetically.

And what did you get for Valentine's Day?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

half of me

Recently, while crocheting these cute headbands for my virtual friend April, I was catching up on my overloaded Tivo.
I don't know if I was watching TV so that I could crochet, or crocheting so I could watch TV.
That's not true. 
I do know.
(April will be sending these to orphans in Mexico)

Doug was on a trip and so I was trying to watch only shows we don't watch together.
And shows that don't require my ardent attention (no Project Runway). 
And thus, Oprah and I spent our day together.  
I noticed, however, that every time something was particularly interesting,  my thought was,
"I'll have to save this to show Doug."

It reminded me of our younger life when I was compelled to share passages in a book until we were eventually reading the whole book aloud.
I now have been with Doug half of my life. 
(Doug on the Tetons in the 80's. what's not to love?)
(Doug in Normandy in the 2000's.  What's not to love?)
Hmmm, interesting state of affairs.
We have moved from sharing literature to sharing Tivo...

Before you know it we will be in our matching La-Z-boys and slippers watching the Game Show Network.
I'd rather we grow old on a porch swing.
But as long as we grow old together, I'm okay.

Happy Valentine's Day.
(he's smart, too.  Not just a trophy husband)

Friday, February 12, 2010

A valentine for you

This one is from Olivia.
But since I posted it, does that mean I am still becoming the weird cat lady?
 (photo taken and possibly "styled" by Olivia)

Pet postings twice in a row.  I gotta get a life! 
I think I'll go to the studio and make something.  
Maybe I'll sew.  Project Runway gets under my skin.

Anyone else in the mood to create today?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some lazy day

Some days I just feel lazy.
I like to share it with my friend.
Watching TV in bed with Trudy.

What do you do on your lazy days?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Three Cougars, or maybe only two...

 Brigham Young University Mascot.
Some of these were in Park City.
John (cougar) Mellencamp on my flight home (with my new friend Andy).

Okay, okay, I need to qualify the final Cougar.
My new friends, Andy, Nancy and I were all watching and admiring Mr. "Mellencamp" and considering our good fortune at sighting a celebrity.
Andy, having more courage than I, asked Mr. "Mellencamp" if I could take a picture for my "boys."
Mr. "Mellencamp" said, "Who?  Me?"
Andy, "Aren't you Mister Mellencamp?"
Mr. "Mellencamp" scoffs.  Laughs.  Possibly rolls his eyes.
Then grins and says, "Want a picture anyway?"

I will assume it was really him.  Why else would he offer the photo op?
I like to believe he was just trying to not draw too much attention to himself.
And I like to believe I finally saw a celebrity (besides that possible Lisa Bonet sighting at World Peace Cafe).
What do you think?

Look at these pics and remember the other kinds of "work" celebrities do...
a picture of John Mellencamp from Google Images
and then the cover of his 2008 album, Life Death Love and Freedom

And try not to shatter by bubble.  Or at least deflate it gently.

The winner is...
C. Cannon of the Cannon Family!
So far I have noticed that my execution of contests has not gone as smoothly as planned.
For this one, my riddle was a bit confusing.
C. commented first, and I am pretty sure she would have gotten all three correct, had I written the second clue a bit better.
When I rewrote that clue, she got it right away.

And, for the record Rose, I am not a cougar!  Your dad is only 20 days younger than I...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cougars, Cougars and Cougar

Can you find three Cougars in this post?
The first person to get it correctly can choose a pair of earrings from the Tallulahs website.

I visited Rose at Brigham Young University.
We watched pretty people in Park City at the Sundance Film Festival.
This is who was on my flight:

Check back soon for the answers.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finding a Friend

What fun to be browsing a copy of Artful Blogging and find a friend.
(Jenni and Lily)
You know how sometimes, upon first meeting, you know someone will be your friend for a long time?
I first found Jenni three years ago when Barb and I stepped into The Vintage Flea, a shop she owned with business partner and friend, Valerie.  I walked in the door, saw a painting of Jenni's, and knew I wanted to own it someday.
And I knew I would like the artist.
 (the Vintage Flea--worth the drive)
(Lovely Morning by Jenni Horne)
After chatting with Jenni and Valerie for only a few minutes, it struck me how much their friendship was like mine with Barb.  
It wasn't until our second or third meeting that Jenni said we remind them of them.  
We laughed and told them we wondered how long it would take them to realize that.
(Jenni and Valerie)
Jennie paints a friend called Mattie, and all of Mattie's friends which make up Mattie's Social Circle.  
I smile when I hang my Mattie ornament on the tree every Christmas. 
And I think of my friend.
(Mattie graces my ornament)
Hop on over and visit Jenni.  You will find a friend in her.
(Jenni Horne)
While you are at it, look at our friend Valerie's art and read about her shopgirl life.  
The Vintage Flea has been my favorite stop for three years now.
It really is the best and like no other. 
In it I am always creatively inspired.
And I always find something special to take home.
(Misty Morning by Valerie Kay Dumas)
(Valerie Kay Dumas)

And, news recently in, Jenni is also featured in the current issue of Somerset Life:
(Somerset Life, Winter 2010)
(My Heart is Full Necklace by Jenni Horne).
And check Etsy for some of Jenni's prints, jewelry and stuff.

Now, tell me about when you first recognized a friend. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pretty Young Things

I had a weekend with Rose and friends so we could attend the Sundance Film Festival.
I love spending time with youth and beauty.  
(starlets Elle, Melissa Pearl, and Rose)
Their enthusiasm reminds me to live fully.
Their moral compassion reminds me to open my heart.
Their dreams remind me to hope for the future.
Their beauty reminds me to brush my hair.
(the girls of ElleRose and Yuki Place)
They are becoming.
It is beautiful to watch.
(me and my beautiful Rose) 
Was it really so long ago that I was there, too?