Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Her writing makes me cry.  Her photos make me sigh.  Her fabric makes me want to sew.  Her baby makes me want...wait.  It stops there (but he does make me remember my babies fondly).

 In confess.  I am often inspired as an artist by other artists.  And I am inspired as a bloggist by fabric designer Anna Maria Horner.  She writes, she photographs, she creates, she mothers, she runs a successful business.  And she beautifully represents this life of hers on her blog:  http://annamariahorner.blogspot.com/.
She feels like my friend.  She will feel like your friend, too.

(photo and stew by Anna Maria Horner)
Anna recently took Fall photos and posted an entry entitled The Color of Stew.  As I was walking through the woods with my children, I was taken by the colors (and some lack of color, which has its own beauty  to me because I am from Southeast Idaho).  It made me think of Anna's entry.  My pictures (and writing) in no way compare to Anna's, but my memory of the moment is lovely.  And so are my children.

Trudy the camouflage dog.
I want Anna's stew for dinner.
Tacos anyone?

(Hopefully it will taste better than it looks.
Hey, I was walking in the woods, not cooking.)


Oma said...

I love Horner too, but your blog is fresh and exciting too.

jlbessel said...

Yet another obsession we share! Have you listened to her interviews on the "craftsanity" podcast? If not run don't walk to itunes and start downloading ASAP!!! Love you Cindy! Thanks for your blog, it makes me feel so close to you. Not like I couldn't just pick up the phone....but you know how that goes :)

Cindy said...

Liz! You were the one that told me about Anna's blog. You, thus, are the reason that I spend several hours a week working on my little blue page (well, you and Anna)!