Friday, December 18, 2009

As Long as I'm Dreaming or My Bad Self

I loved reading your hearts' desires.  Now, since Tessa requested, I will share mine.  And I will confess that I pilfered a few ideas to add to my list.

First, world peace and an no hunger
and all that blah, blah.
Sure, I want the altruistic and peaceful ideals, but I also want some stuff.
If money were no object:

An exotic vacation for all 3 sides of my extended family.
I want to go to a beautiful place.  I want to spend time with people I love.  And, if money truly, truly were no object, I would pay for everything.  Bora Bora would be nice.  Where would you go?  

A new camera.
One that does not require me to wedge the lens cover open with my fingers.  But really I need two new cameras.  One that is small enough to tote around with me, and one that has more creative options. This one appears to be a realistic combination of both needs.  Do you have other recommendations?
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1

A MacBook.
I want my own MacBook (but with a regular keyboard attachment, I can't seem to type on a laptop keyboard very efficiently).  I want Leopard.  I have a fantasy that I would spend less time on the computer if only I had the newer program and its easier photo manipulation.  Is this true?

New dining room chairs.
The marigold cafeteria chairs I thought would look so clever in my dining room are not the right scale for my table.  IKEA chairs, like the ones in Amy Butler's studio, would be so nice.   I need eight.  In white.

Truthfully, I'd just love to have Amy Butler's studio.

Or Anna's.

They are entirely different, why do I love them each so much?
I think Amy's represents the me I wish I were--spare, orderly, efficient, uncomplicated.
Anna's is the real me.  Full of color, stuff, family and possibly some chaos.
There's a psychoanalysis opportunity here.
Which do you prefer?  Is there a happy compromise somewhere?

I want boots.
Like these Vivienne Westwood Pirate boots:

Or, Frye Boots.  Almost any kind, but these are all lovely.  What boots do you want?

An authentic motorcycle jacket.
Like one from a Harley shop.  Maybe?  Could I really pull it off?

Do you notice a theme in my clothing dreams?  Is the bad girl trying to come out?  I swear it is because I love the juxtaposition of soft and sweet.  Or do I love a Harley?  Am I a little rough around the edges or just trying to toughen up a little?  Like sandwashing my saccharine self.

Doug says it is "my bad self." 

A trip to NYC.
I would love to go with my husband to see the Christmas lights, like Amy did on her date night.  And I do love the crowds.  There's more people watching to do when there are more people.  Wouldn't a new camera capture this for me?  Have you been there at Christmastime?

But, since money is an object, I would love for my kids to have something on their lists that makes their eyes light up.
ha ha ha ha ha

And, I'll take any of these:

Steve Madden riding boots
Steve Madden Reinaa
 or tough girl boots like Steve Madden's Buck

or Piratey boots like Steve Madden's Winddy

Black Chuck Taylors (my high school boyfriend's name is Chuck Taylor.  Don't misunderstand which is on my list).   I like this Red version.

A Russian Sailor shirt like the one Meg Ryan wears in French Kiss (and can be found on ebay from real Russians.  Size M, if you are wondering).

A new cardigan.  Something frilly and girly from Anthropologie (to balance my bad self).
I like this one.

Anna Maria Horner dishtowels

Eckhart Tolle The Art of Presence CD.
Prisma pencils.
Any spa goodie in lavendar or eucalyptus.
Africa Spa dry oil from the Body Shop.
Running clothes, including socks.

And, finally, a Diet Coke and a magazine would make me really happy.   Because it is not about what is in inside the gift, right?  Right?

Okay, okay, and I do want to see the light in the children's eyes.  Really.

This dreaming is dangerous...


jlbessel said...

Can I just copy and paste your list? I finally broke down and bought a pair of new boots--Ugg motorcycle style. I love them but of course now I want a pair of Frye boots I saw a girl wearing in Macys and made the mistake of asking her about. I love my LL Bean sailor shirts but they aren't real Russian sailor shirts. Who knew?!!! I really just want to find my ipod which was lost during the move. Oh, and a mac book. Really, if my kids would just get along during the holidays that would be enough for me, who am I kidding! Love to all of you guys. Is Rose home yet?

Reba, fish in Russian said...

Monday, Monday, Monday.
At least, I hope so. Rose and I have planned a gathering session then.
p.s. i want vivienne's pirate boots too

Lorinda said...

I swear you already have at least 2 shirts just like the one Meg is wearing in French Kiss.
Kids getting along during the holidays. psssh. who's dreaming here?

James said...

I recommend a Canon Rebel, but I'm a little biased to Canon--I've been using them most of my life. Perhaps give my uncle Jacob a call at Pictureline (801) 572.2200. He could give some great pointers too.

I've been really happy with the Rebel though. It is fairly affordable, and can make use of all canon's lenses, it's light, easy to use. I love it. :)