Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lucky, lucky you

Jennifer won the contest!

Okay, I confess that she was the 2nd winner.  I went to and this was the first random winner:

which just happened to be my darling daughter, Rose:

(not to worry, I will let Rose choose a pair, too)

The 2nd "random" try came up with this:

Am I a cheater?
Or just sharing the wealth?

So, Jennifer, go to Tallulahs to pick out your earrings and I will get them to you in time to admire the wrappings under the tree.

This is Rose on the Tallulahs home page.  You see why it would seem unseemly to let her win...


Jennifer said...

Holy smokes, I won?! Yay for me and thanks to you!

Lorinda said...

cool, Jen! whadju pick?