Monday, December 28, 2009

Be. Just Be.

Eckhart Tolle calls animals "keepers of being."
I know what he means.
When I take a moment to be with one of our pets, I am able to do just that.
That is why, no matter the mess, the bother, or the expense,
pets are in my life.
Because I need more being and less doing.

Santa knew this.  Look what he brought our family.
Introducing Simon (the red boy) and Jenny (the gray girl).
(FYI, we also have Trudy the sheepdog mutt, Mackie the chinchilla, and Smokey the hamster.  We are one big fuzzy family.)


Lorinda said...

AAAHH! Wow! good for Santa. very sweet. I'm glad you feel that way about your pets. Someday I'll be so enlightened.

Jennifer said...

I get that same feeling from hugging my children. When I'm having a stressful moment/day/week a hug from one of the kids totally calms my nerves. I can feel it wash over me. I'll need a therapy pet when they all grow up and leave home. And boy will they be mad I waited until they were grownups. :)

Jennifer said...

PS I'll pretend Jenny was named after a dear aunt. Don't burst my bubble!

noodle and lou said...

awww..simon and jenny are sooo sweet:) thanks for peekin' in on my blog today cindy! your comment was sooo perfect, because i am in the same position now. i said i'd do new years cards and hello...that's, um, friday and they aren't even in the works. i'm looking at valentines day now as well;)

wishing you a happy and creative filled 2010!! xoxo...jenn

Tara said...

Too adorable. I have an awful soft spot for animals as well. Enjoy the new additions to the family.