Friday, February 4, 2011


I didn't feel like exercising this morning.
It's rainy and cold and I just wanted to knit.
Don't look, Oma.  It's a surprise...
 But I know I feel stronger,
and my back feels healthier,
and my emotions are happier
when I exercise.

So...I looked through the new Athleta catalog for inspiration.
 And then I reminded myself that my little bit of exercise
gave me, a middle aged mom with extra layers,
muscles like this:
Okay, that's not me.
But it's all relative.
And when I tried to get a picture of my arms, this is what I got:
Trust me.
I may be the only one who gets to see my muscles...
but I have muscles!
And now for a little shout out to T-Tapp.
It's said to be "more tai chi than Taebo...
It's as intense as Taebo, but calmer...
Like yoga, T-Tapp is much harder than it looks."
Read more here.
 An exercise DVD that only takes fifteen minutes
about three times per week.
That's seriously little, right?
I can do fifteen minutes.
Even when I'd rather knit...

What inspires you to exercise?
Or to do anything when you would rather knit?


Pearl said...

Swim suit season coming up is a good inspiration for me. Also feeling healthy/looking better in clothing. I need to start doing SOMETHING, even if that means going on walks to the park. I need to borrow someones dog though! Dancing to music. Riding my bike around town and running errands at the same time. Rock climbing with friends. These are my types of exercise. Dancing

Jenny Moore said...

I just want to look through the fitness magazines/catalogs and look like those gals...why can't it be that easy?!!!!
Knowing that swimsuit season is just around the corner is a good motivation for me!!!

Dani said...

I'm going to a family reunion this summer to see cousins and aunts/uncles I haven't seen in about 4 years. I want to look and feel good when I see them. That's my number 2 inspiration. Number one is the fact that my mom has lost almost 80 lbs and is more active and playful with her grandkids than I have ever seen her be. I want to be that active and playful with my kids now.

Quiltgirl said...

hmmm... I know I'll feel better? I have actually been seriously tempted to run several times lately. But I have been strong and resisted the temptation.
Seriously, about the only thing that gets me moving is Cherie's text: I'm in your driveway. Get out here!!

Anonymous said...

How 'bout counting all those ding-dang points and not losing a thing?

Claudia Paola. said...

I really admire that you got motivated on a day when relaxing and knitting seemed so tempting! I would say my motivation is also that refreshing feeling you get after the exercise- I just feel awake and upbeat, and I also notice that I am more diligent with the things I have to do for the rest of the day.

*Claudia* x
Molto ❤ Fashion