Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A dirty word

Lorinda asked me how I make time to exercise.
But the question I answered is why I make time to exercise.

I wish I could say that it is because I love it.
It's not.

I will confess this here in confidence...
 most times...
I exercise...
I am afraid to not exercise.
I am afraid it is a slippery slope.
I'm afraid I won't ever climb that slope again if I slip down.
I am afraid I won't like myself if that happens.

It's out.

 This AM, as I gathered my earmuffs and gloves to run with Doug,
I (bravely) reminded myself I wanted to exercise.
I wanted to feel strong.
I wanted to be outside.
I wanted the vitamin D.
I wanted the time with Doug
I wanted to feel good when it was done.
I wanted the mind boost (see vitamin D).

And, I reminded myself that sometimes I do love to exercise.
And I remembered one of those times.
And I tried to keep that thought with me.
Ocean Isle, NC.
I do love a run on the beach.

Two exercisers I love, even when I don't love exercise:
 (They made me a great running playlist.)

It was a lucky run today.  
I got a little bonus endorphin boost.
From chuckling.
Doug had his running shorts on backwards.
A chuckle and Vitamin D.
That's a pretty good run.


Jenny Moore said...

I need your motivation to get back to it!! I'm lazy!!!

Cindy at LottieBird said...

The fear motivation?!

Jill said...

I loved this post!! Yes, chuckling at our husbands and Vitamin D--powerful combo!! And how about sharing your playlist!

Quiltgirl said...

so as i drive down the road, i can feel better about myself, knowing that those crazy people out running in 13 deg. weather are living in fear?

Just be...... said...

Wow you live in a beautiful place! I miss running on the beach ! Are those your boys? Or are those pictures from a sports magazine?? ( so handsome!)