Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Miss You

So I've taken a little time off.
I had nothing to say.

Maybe it's because my mind was occupied...

I was spending time with Oma,
Stephanie (Oma) painting kittens with Olivia.

and chatting with my lovely girl in Utah.
Rose and the charming Kailey.
In Park City.  If I look cold it is because I was cold!

and laughing with Liz 
(at the Sundance Film Festival!),

and being starstruck by Robert Redford,
He really was there.  That blue vested person just prevented YOU from seeing him.

and falling in love with Dominic Cooper.
Yes, he really was there to see me.  Dreamy, dreamy.

 No, real true love...
She means nothing to him.  She is just an actress (Ludivine Sagnier).

Whatever it was, I missed Lottie Bird.

And you.

1 comment:

Jenny Moore said...

What a fun tradition for you!!!
Welcome back!