Tuesday, February 22, 2011

European Comfort Club

Once, while shopping for shoes that would not exacerbate* my Plantar Fasciitis,

Borrowed from Google Health
(Plantar Fasciitis is a fancy word for sore heel)

I shopped in the "practical" section
of an upscale department store.
I shopped for a pair of shoes that appeared as close to normal
as my sore foot would allow me to wear.
But then I was caught off guard.
An enthusiastic sales clerk asked,
"do you want to belong to the 'European Comfort Club?'"
Am I that obvious?
I thought I blended.
European Comfort club?


You see, I am a shoe-ie. 
Like other people are foodies.

I enjoy shoes.

I care about shoes.

Fine shoes.
Pretty shoes.

Not practical shoes.
I do not want to belong to your club.
Thank you very much.

And I took my pride,
and my dowdy shoes
as I turned on my sore heel 
and walked out of the store.

*exacerbate belongs to my "favorite words" list.  Plantar Fasciitis does not.


jack said...

While I don't suppose I love shoes as much as you do, I can identify with your heel pain! Miserable, huh?? Have you ever tried sole inserts? I've heard good things. I don't have any, but I did buy their flip flops last year, and they were very helpful. While not the cutest flips in the world, they aren't horrible.

And about a gluten-free recipe blog, no, it's not me. But I do have a recipe blog with only healthy, mostly whole food recipes.


Jill said...

sorry, that last comment was from me. My son was signed in and I didn't realize it!! Darn!