Thursday, September 3, 2009

Knitting zen, pretty things and Fall Rain

The light, cool rain outside makes me want to knit. The clicking of the needles (bamboo, of course) and rhythm of the movement is pure relaxation. I like to knit a fairly simple project in order to achieve maximum zen (and minimum cursing). A plain scarf is not fun (besides, it's too hot to wear scarves in Atlanta!), but a sweater requires too much counting and matching. This little hat, called, "the official kittyville hat" is from Stitch 'n Bitch. I really enjoy knitting it. But mostly I enjoy looking at the two pretty things wearing the hats. Too bad my knitting needles are on hold. This weather also reminds me that trunk show/sample sale season is in full swing and the necklaces are calling. Olivia's Nintendo purse will have to wait for now, at least until General Conference weekend (eight perfect hours of inspiration and knitting).


Laura said...

how can one curse and mention general conference in the same blog post? you crack me up!!

Cindy said...

heh. Why do you think I need General Conference so much?