Tuesday, February 15, 2011


To all you buggers who criticize Valentine's Day as a
made up holiday...
get over yourselves.

It's just another opportunity to show love.

Before going to bed,
Olivia realized that she was my only valentine in town.
We two would be the sole participants in our annual 
Coco Wheats breakfast.
Okay, we don't have Coco Wheats in the South, we add cocoa to Cream of Wheat...

Olivia got an idea,
woke up at 5am,
jumped out of bed,
gathered beautiful fabrics,
and quilted a pillow for me.

Well, she had to wait until I was awake to thread the machine...
but she was incredibly industrious,
and creative,
and visual.

And loving.
For those of us whose love language is gifts,
this is a marvelous opportunity to show love.
For those of you whose love language is something else,
this is a marvelous opportunity to show love.

The pillow is an expression of love from her
and a symbol of love to me.

And for any of you who remember her gift to me last year,
(which ended with lollipop dough sticking my lips to my teeth)
you will know how much I really cherish this pillow!

How was your love day?


Teresa Johnson said...

ADORABLE!! I love it. Happy Valentine's Day to you. :-D

Jenny Moore said...

What a wonderful thoughtful gift from Olivia!

rose said...

I have such a love for this holiday. Thanks for raising me (by example) to think about it the right way.

To me, it's a day to full of love for my friends and excuses to eat delicious treats all day long, starting with Chocolate Malt-O-Meal (no cocowheats here either) for breakfast. Other than the resulting sugar sickness, my Valentine's was lovely.

ps part of my love for the holiday may be the subversive satisfaction I find in enjoying it even though I'm single...
this really deserves my own blog post instead of just a comment, ha. maybe.

Brooke Elyse said...

Oh I just LOVE love day :)
Good job Olivia- very cute pillow and so sweet of you to show your mom you love her.
My love day was good; sweet. simple. heartfelt. just the way i like it! :o)

Quiltgirl said...

I think I might cry. I love that pillow, Olivia. And I cherish the time that I got to spend with your valentine this President's Day, Cindy. I like your view of this holiday. It's always kind of hard for me because it feels compulsory... kinda like Mother's Day. But I guess it is what we make it, right?