Friday, December 17, 2010

Peace on Earth?

I don't know what all this "save the world" stuff is about.
I guess I was not very specific.
When I asked what you were dreaming of this Christmas,
I was thinking more along the lines of "fabulous shoes."
B.Makowsky Sasha at Zappos.comWho loves Zappos as much as I do?

My wishlist post last year was full of things I wanted.
Material things.
And, one year later,
I'm embarrassed to say how many of those things I have acquired
(mostly through my own generosity).

However, if you are wondering,
I did not get the dining room chairs...
 In case you don't get what you are dreaming of this Christmas,
enter the giveaway.
And dream of lovely Tallulahs jewels around your wrist.
At least you stand a chance of getting something you really want...


The Cannon Family said...

I love it :o) Ok, my money is no object list: an ultimate trip down memory lane with a week in NYC (no kids allowed, please), a maternity clothes shopping spree (even though I haven't worn them in a few years, they still feel like old news), weekly pedicures for a year, heck, weekly massages for a year, and an endless list of home improvement projects (done by someone else, of course) :o) Oh, and peace on earth...

johnsoncircus said...

well if you want the Christmas list I gave Troy - I am wishing for a Pandora Bracelet! With Charms that I carefully picked out and marked in a catalog so he would be sure to know which ones i want. And since a girl can never have too much jewlery I am also hoping I win something from Tallulahs!

Dani said...

Well, this year, with everything going on I don't really want much other than for everyone to be healthy. Although, I wouldn't say no the all the available seasons of Armywives, NCIS: LA and this last season of NCIS. :D Love you, Cin.