Monday, December 20, 2010

We Have a Winner!

Steve is the lucky one.
He is dreaming of boots for Christmas.
Sparkly boots.
These have swarovski crystals.
These are on sale.
Once $1260.00.
These are now only $1134.00.

So...maybe Jenny is the lucky one.
Steve's second choice was a bracelet to match his wife's earrings.
I happen to know Jenny has the Creme Brulee Earrings.
The Vanilla Frosty Bracelet is a lovely compliment.

Steve, you'll have to ask Santa for the boots.
These match Santa's suit, so he'll surely think they are fine.
These may be more within Santa's budget.

Of course, if Steve's house is anything like my house,
when Jenny is lucky, Steve is lucky.
Lucky Christmas!


Steve M. said...

I asked Jenny, after I hijack posted in your contest thread, if she thought you would care about my dorky humor interjection. Winning isn't really teaching me a lesson for my cheekiness…..well ….maybe the sparkly boots write up serves me right. You are cool in my book.

Jenny adores her earrings so this is a great treat.

Thanks for taking my dream of sparkly boots one step closer to reality.

Jenny Moore said...

I think I have the best husband ever!!!:)

Cindy at LottieBird said...

cheekiness is always welcome here!