Friday, December 31, 2010

Indulgences and Resolutions

I love a relaxing bath on a cold day.
Okay, I confess, I love a relaxing bath on every day.
It is an indulgence I take.
Every day.
Nothing quite goes as well with a relaxing bath as
Dove Dark Chocolate
and a Diet Coke.
Every day.
I'm not normally a fan of the quotes on the Dove candy wrappers.
I think they are kind of feel good "light."
But I did ponder this one:
Too bad all it made me ponder was,
"So does one's nose."

All this pondering led me to remembering Kasey's
"welcome to reality" photos.
After some deliberation it has been determined that I do not have a nose hair showing.  
That suspicious "strand" is actually the earring on the woman behind me.
Not that my nose hairs never show...
This is not the nose I remember from my youth.
Good thing I am so wise.

I think a great New Year's resolution would be:
"give myself an indulgence every day."
It would sure beat the:
"eat less chocolate and drink less Diet Coke"
I resolve to do every new year.

What indulgence would you give yourself?
And, what has grown with your wisdom?


Jenny Moore said...

What a wonderful self indulgence!
I love a nice hot bath, a good book and some chocolate!! Dreamy!!!

Quiltgirl said...

I used to wonder at your bathing so often. Then I got a comfortable bath tub. And yes, the chocolates are nice. I usually bring water and diet coke. How do you keep the chocolates from melting? and what is your best method of keeping your fingers dry to turn pages? and how do you keep from dropping the book in the tub when you fall asleep (this is why i started bagging my phone)? Oh, you didn't say that you read... that was Jenny, but i think you do too... especially magazines :)

Quiltgirl said...

please don't tell me my nose is going to get even bigger? really? Some things are just not right.

Cindy at LottieBird said...

My chocolates are not in the hot water...they don't melt until they are in my mouth ;-)

Sarah Jackson said...

my indulgence would be an hour to myself in the studio making things. That would be glorious.