Sunday, December 26, 2010

All I Want for Christmas

I didn't really have a Christmas wish list this year.
Because I wasn't planning on wanting anything.
You see, we are Real Estate Refugees.
We signed away our Christmas fund (and paycheck) to pay for mortgages...
and new stoves...
and shower doors...
and carpet...
and decks...
Want to buy a million dollar home?  On sale?  Half -price?
 But when Eddie asked what I wanted for Christmas,
I didn't want to say,
That's what my mom used to say.
And she said it in kind of a grumpy way.
And I didn't always believe her.

Then I thought about what I really wanted.
I told Eddie that what would really make me happy on Christmas
was to see happiness and joy in his eyes
(in spite of the meager gifts this year).

This is what Eddie gave me:
(Liv makes Eddie a calendar every year--this year it was kittens).
(Rose chose a selection of albums he would enjoy).

Thanks, Eddie.
I love my present.
I love being your mom.
You bring me joy.