Thursday, December 9, 2010

Well that was fun

The Tallulahs Holiday 2010 Sample Sale came and went.
It was a treat to be with friends
who helped set up,
and made us soup,
and wrapped pretty packages,
and helped customers,
and made us giggle.
Laura's Rethunk-Junk furniture displays were a hit,
and her bulletin boards,
and her jewelry pegs.
Doug asks if we could keep our house like this.
I'm working on it...
I love our customers.
They always become friends.
(Why wouldn't we love someone who loves what we make?)
The whole family gets into the entrepreneurial spirit.
Olivia set up her own shop, selling out in the first hour.
Her label is "Livvylulahs." 
She is happy to cross out the "tal" part of our tag to make it her own.
Doug and sons sold "Pet Portraits."
 The best part?
Laughing until my face hurt.
And spending time with Barb.
Those two always go together.
Oh, and reminiscing while eating Mexican food after a long day's work.


Pearl said...

This looked like fun! So great to hear that Olivia sold out.

Quiltgirl said...

It is so wrong that i wasn't there. :(
I'm glad it was a huge success.