Friday, January 7, 2011

Cultural differences

People watching.
 And the appreciation of beauty.
Belly dancing.
It feels so odd to unprohibitively* look at another person's body.
It's unusual in our culture for staring to be so acceptable.
Maybe that is why this dance is so intriguing.
It's clear why the dance is so appealing.
Our anniversary dinner was spent at Kybele, a Turkish restaurant.
It's fun to step into another culture.
Happy 23rd, babe.

*This may not be a real word.  
But it expresses what I am saying so appropriately.


TinnyMey said...

wow, nice pictures

Jenny Moore said...

Happy Anniversary!

Giselle said...

Happy Anniversary! Congrats, and cool restaurant.

Quiltgirl said...

i love that people with imperfect bellies (like mine~hah!) belly dance in these costumes.
I'm intrigued by the expression on her face in that close-up with the candles on her head.
Did she mind your taking her picture? Oh, i just realized, she always has the candles on her head :)