Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that if you put warm lollipop dough in your mouth it will glue your lip to your teeth as it cools?  
If that happens, do not smile.
No matter what.

Creatively brilliant Olivia made a special valentine gift for me.
It was a power point presentation entitled
"Ideas for a Great Valentine's Day."
The "ideas" were several craft instructions.
And a red heart lollipop recipe.

(improvisation... funny, kids eat sugar no matter what it looks like)

All of these were for us to do together on Valentine's Day--
to show how much she loves me.

(Heart mobile in the making)
(Olivia and the heart mobile)

As I moved around the kitchen crunching sugar granules under my feet while sucking in my breath at the sight of Liv pouring corn syrup,
I know that I am not a good enough mother to deserve all that love.

 (that's a lot of love)

Later Eddie asks if anxiety disorder can be passed genetically.

And what did you get for Valentine's Day?


Quiltgirl said...

i'm smiling... what happens if i smile (i mean, if i had lollipop dough stuck to my teeth)? and i'm pretty sure i got a diet dr. pepper for valentine's day. that's about it... unless you count the glorious day i had with my daughters making valentines for their school classes. i know, it sounds horrific, but we actuallly had fun. i actually had fun.

jlbessel said...

How is it that Olivia can make a slideshow and I, a 40 something year old woman can't?

life in yonder said...

hilarious!!! I loved the slideshow btw: can you inherit it? ;-)

bonnie jack said...

that is a lot of love. cute girl. i hope i can someday watch my child poor corn syrup without having a panic attack.

Laura said...

i did NOT know the lip/teeth/glue part...but i DID in fact know that it will also become a permanent part of your hair...unless of course you pour BOILING water on your head to melt it...probly easier to just "style" around the lollipop hunk in my opinion!

btw - could olivia come over here and show my kids how to express love appropriately??? i'd pay (i know she's the REAL entrepeneur in the family!)heehee

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