Thursday, September 30, 2010


I used to hear the neighborhood ladies gossip about
"spoilt girls."
Lately I have been a bit spoilt myself.
Looking at the houses on Ocean Isle
got me thinking about what I want when I am really, really spoilt. 
 Here is my beach house wish list:
 Lots of porches and balconies.
I like pink houses--this one is a bit too pink, but you get the idea.
On a beach.  And a marina?  You bet!
A boat for Doug.

A picket fence.

A cottage garden.
But really, this one will be enough.

Especially since it has this view.
And, of course, I want friends at my beach house.
Otherwise, it wouldn't be worth being spoiled.

Where is your beach house wish list?
For when you are really, really spoilt?


The Cannon Family said...

Can I come? :o)

Dani said...

Mine will look like a Southern plantation with porches/balconies running all the way around both levels of the house. It will be on a beautiful beach and only have family members for neighbors. My beach house will have one giant room with built-in wall-to-wall bookshelves filled to overflowing and big, comfy, overstuffed, but comfortable, chairs to sit in and read all day. That's what I would like.

I love the way you write, Cindy. You inspire me. Love you.

Kasey Litt said...

I want right on the beach...marina can be a short walk away! Lots of porches...wide porches so I can take a sleeping bag out and watch the stars at night. The rhythem of the waves calms my brain and pushes me into sleep -- no more drugs needed!

I can breath there.

Oh, and it is dog friendly -- can't make a home without my family!