Saturday, September 4, 2010

That's typical

It's a typical Atlanta day.
The kind that makes us say, "this is Atlanta."
The sun warm, the breeze light, the shade cool.
And I am smiling.
I wish you could feel this.
This year I have spent a lot of time saying,
"this is not typical Atlanta weather."
Apologizing to newcomers for our too cold winter.
And visitors for our too hot summer.
But not today.
Today is perfectly typical.
Elizabeth Berg describes a beautiful day much better than my photo:
"It's beautiful outside, the kind of day where the sun touches you like mothers touch their babies' cheeks.  Your breath rides in your chest like a slow-swaying hammock, and your eyes see in the rich way:  Yellow isn't yellow, it's butterscotch; the red on the roses is velvet.  On days like this, you wish everything would slow down; you wish time could just stop for a while."

Today I will drive my sporty minivan with the sunroof open.
Today I will feel bliss.
Today I will laugh.
What will you do today?

Be sure to laugh.

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Heather Harmon said...


I must admit we were out playing alot yesterday and Jeff and I kept saying over and over what an awesome day it was and that this weather was perfect! I was glad to be in Atlanta and enjoying such a perfect day! Thanks for the reminder!