Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Girls

Cynthia Little turned 65.
I turned 45.
Cynthia rented a beach house to celebrate with friends.
I got to become one of those friends.
Cynthia's collection of friends at the beach ranged from 
those she'd known since she was 5,
to those she'd taught and befriended during her California years,
to neighbors in Washington,
to me, who tagged along with Oma as my birthday gift.
Swimsuits and carrot cake should be mutually exclusive.
All of Cynthia's friends are accomplished.
All are interesting.
All are strong.
All are beautiful.
I felt like I was in a novel.
But I am no Elizabeth Berg.
Nor Anne Tyler.
So the novel is not written that describes my experience.

Let me just say what I didn't do at the beach:
spend hours floating in the ocean.
 What I did do at the beach:
listen to stories about interesting lives,
ask 1,876 questions,
become inspired for my own next phase,
feel enriched,
make new friends.
 They are who I hope to become.


bonnie jack said...

I just read Gifts from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Not one I would have ever picked up if it wasn't for book club. But it was nice. And a quick read.

Quiltgirl said...

i've always wanted to read that. i just forgot.

Kasey Litt said...

You are beautiful.
You are strong.
You acknowledge that on this strange journies we all have we make the choice to continue to be enriched or stick to what is familiar and known...
AND you've made the decision to keep on evolving and enriching!

I'd say you'd be one of the women I want to become!