Sunday, October 3, 2010

Snowballs and Crunchy Leaves

Back to school.
Not the kids this time, but me.
Remember that reinvention thing that caught hold of me?
Well, it snowballed.

It's kind of like a big, fat, dirty snowball.
The sort we make in Atlanta with our inadequate snowfall.
Leaves and twigs and mud get stuck in our sad little snowmen.
As I return to the classroom after 20 years,
I feel a little like that out of place snowman. 
Visiting my Alma Mater and Rose last month.
My memory of back to school time is
the smell of freshly sharpened pencils,
the sound of leaves crunching under my boots,
and the soft yet rugged texture of my corduroy skirt.
This campus in Fall does not seem like a very distant memory.
This is what Lisa has to say about my adventure:
Did you get a new backpack yet? I remember the start of school in the crisp fall weather.  I used to put a velamint in my mouth and walk to the bus stop, breathing in the cool, fresh autumn air.  In my pale blue Lee corduroy overalls, I felt like the world was my oyster!!   I am going to wish for that feeling for you!!!
 Maybe I'll get some velamints.
Do you think I should get some overalls as well?
Look out oyster!
Where's my backpack?

What comes to mind when you think of back to school time?

1 comment:

Quiltgirl said...

that feeling. in your tummy. chilly mornings, sweaty afternoons. new packs of paper. a new trapper keeper and new pee-chees. new pencils. and original flavor extra bubble gum. don't even try. they don't make it anymore. dr. pepper chapstick. well, i added that last one cause i liked it so much after i met you :).