Saturday, September 25, 2010

Service with a Smile

 One of my favorite places to visit in Salt Lake City is
One World--Everybody Eats. 
Olivia is a bit finicky.  She loved the food.  Rose is a vegetarian.  She loved the food.

Here is the concept at One World:
-serve delectable meals in exchange for donations
-serve reasonable portions to avoid waste
-serve local, organic, non-processed food
-serve those who can't pay in exchange for their work
-serve the belief that we can all help each other
Delicious crepes; suggested donation $4.00
One World Everybody Eats is a cafe.
It is a not-for-profit organization.
It is a great concept.
It is a healthy meal.
But mostly, One World is really, really, really
good food.
Visit them.  
Tell me what you think.
And tell me what you ate.
Get info about the 21 states and 2 other countries that have similar Community Kitchens here.


Jill said...

This is really COOOL! I`ve never heard of it, so I`m so glad you brought it to my attention.

Kasey Litt said...

What's the place here called...the one we ate at after we learned the basics of meditation at the Buddhist Center, Y'all!

The Cannon Family said...

Never heard of it! I'll have to put it on the list for our next trip. It sounds great!