Sunday, January 17, 2010

Want to see something funny?

This is how I started my morning.

The moral of the story?  Don't hold kitten Jenny while mutt Trudy is nearby.
Don't worry.  You can laugh.
I will, too.


Lorinda said...

Shh! don't tell PETA. Cherie got her kitten(can you believe she got a kitten?) declawed. Have you ever played with a declawed cat? so much fun. no scratchies. well, she still took out Katie's chest the other day with her back claws, but still. sorry about the nose. What are you wearing? I have to have one.

Cindy said...

Our lovely old cat, Buster, was declawed. But he would scratch with his back claws. And bite. So, don't declaw!

Susan O. says I should tell people that I sneezed whilst using nose hair trimmers. It would be funnier if I weren't already concerned about the state of my nose hairs.

(I am wearing my new robe from Oma. she is the best gifter ever. You can get one here: