Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Barbara, the other Lulu who started Tallulahs,  is creatively inspired wherever she goes.
When we were "working" in NYC last summer, she noticed colors most people just look past.
She is good at appreciating beauty that way.
After our trip, she had a month of really hard work to get her store, Perch, ready for opening day.
And she knew just the color she wanted to paint the door:
Look what I found in Competa, Spain, two weeks after Perch opened:

How did she know?
A friend who is creatively inspired by forces she hasn't even seen!
AND she likes to people watch with me.
I think we need another trip.
Work, work, work.

If you should be so lucky to visit Competa, stay at Villa Andalucia with our lovely hosts, Phil and Helen.
It truly is paradise at their Bed and Breakfast type hostel.
You can float in the pool surrounded by beautiful gardens and overlook the whole whitewashed village.


Reba, fish in Russian said...

These past few days I have been walking all over paris taking photographs of doors.
Oh the colors!!!

jlbessel said...

OK, I'm in--I think you need a third muskateer on your next "business" trip!

Lil Kukla said...

I'm obsessed with roof lines and have been taking pictures where ever I go of roofs. Extra bonus if their is one of those wind doohickus that could also be confused as a TV antenna!

Jill said...

lovely doors!

Jennifer said...

Cool! Like the Spanish version of French blue doors. Do other countries have a trend in door colors? Or am I revealing myself as a limited traveler?

Cindy said...

Look at this, Jen:
Our lovely Reba posted French doors.
Shall we go check them out? I remember being in love with the colors of doors in Cambridge, too.

Lorinda said...

Barb has a bead shop? I'm so jealous!! Why don't we have a bead shop again?