Monday, January 11, 2010

Parts is Parts (I Don't part 2)

 "How do you do it all?"
I still am occasionally asked that in regards to my family, my business, my creations.
But I am asked it less and less often.
Probably because it is pretty clear that I don't "do it all."
Recently, after making these ornaments (found on Anna's blog--where else?), I was asked that familiar old question.  Needless to say, I wasn't getting it "all" done since the ornaments each took me half a day to complete!  There were lots of things neglected. 

Let's be real.  We CAN have it all, just not all at the same time (except for Anna...).
According to economists, "opportunity cost" is what we give up to do something else.

I want to recognize all of the different parts within myself, and know that fulfilling one may require me to give up something else, at least for a time.
That is the opportunity cost.
My goal is to accept it.
I will recognize the part of me that needs to be creative.  And the part that needs to nurture.  And one that wants to feel beautiful.  And one part needs to be social.  One wants to strengthen my spirit.  One wants to learn.  And there are many more layers and parts that need attention, and discovery.
In time.
(This one didn't get finished.)
So, I will accept that things are not all "done."
Some days the family meals are ramen noodles, and I feel a pang of guilt realizing my youngest actually has a favorite flavor.
Some days I sadly put another project away unfinished as it disappears into the never-never land of my studio shelving.
Some days I admit that I don't want to finish my book club book because I would rather work on a project than read.  And then I would rather attend book club shame-faced than miss out on being with my friends.
All of these opportunity costs allow me to do something else I enjoy in my life--it fulfills another part of myself.
When I recognize the trade-off, and appreciate it, the cost is less frustrating.
And when I toss my children a banana with their noodles, I am sure they will be okay.
And hopefully they will learn the importance of fulfillment and balance.


bonnie jack said...

those are very cute ornaments. and who doesn't have a favorite flavor of ramen noodles?

Jennifer said...

I sure know people who've tried the shrimp kind have a least favorite flavor.

Lorinda said...

Bonnie's HT told her, "You can have anything you want... unless you want something else more." Since she told me that, i have found that it applies in sooo many situations.