Monday, November 2, 2009

Nora, are you there?

Rose and I were wandering the cobbled streets of Competa, Spain while waiting for Mass to start.  We saw beautiful things.  This was one of them (well, two of them):
A young mother leaning out of an upper window was speaking to her children playing below.  The children then ran to the corner bakery (what is it in Spanish?) and called up to the women in the "window of heavenly smells."  Moments later, the children galloped home with armloads of fresh baguettes.  Really.

This was not a scene from a movie.  This was just everyday life for them.  The kind of life that makes us dream.  And make movies.

I totally expected Nora Ephron to be shouting "cut" from just around the corner.  She was not there.  It was just us.  Smiling.  Grateful for that moment.

(If you should be so lucky to visit Competa, stay at Villa Andalucia with our lovely hosts, Phil and Helen.
It truly is paradise at their Bed and Breakfast type hostel.
You can float in the pool surrounded by beautiful gardens and overlook the whole whitewashed village.)


Tara said...

Is it hard to come home? I would think at least a bit. I must admit, sometimes I envy people born to these rather exotic locales. Great pictures.

Cindy said...

When I realized those people in the exotic locales had exactly 13 people their age for socializing, it seemed not so exotic.

It was glad to come home to my gang (really!). But I kept dreaming of having the crew there with me to experience it all.