Saturday, October 31, 2009

Candy, the Cure and Carrie

It is only fitting to close the month of October with thoughts on candy and breasts.

This is my contribution to the October campaign for breast cancer awareness:

Is it a conflict of interest to run in the Race for the Cure 5K and eat Race for the Cure chocolate?  Not a conflict for supporting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, but a conflict for my body.  Jackson says, "At least it is dark chocolate."

These are women in my family who have survived breast cancer:

Grandma Marie

Grandma Edith

Grandma Doris

My other mother, Stephanie

Remarkable, isn't it?  Yes, I examine myself and let my doctor and a big machine examine me regularly, too.

And, finally, a little follow up on The Scar Project and the photographer David Jay.  Blogger and breast cancer survivor Carrie Robinson ( had a conversation with David Jay and blogged about her thoughts on The Scar Project:

"the photos are very graphic in nature but they are beautiful and exactly how we, as women and cancer survivors, should be portrayed. Beautiful, strong, and fighters who are not afraid to hide our scars and imperfect bodies as we have been ravaged by cancer but not destroyed."  --Carrie Robinson

Carrie posted a link to a video about the project:

And this is a little something Carrie says about herself:

"...FOOB expert, sports maniac who is training for my first triathlon in 2010, chocolate maniac, wickedly talented professional makeup artist who creates the most sexy beautiful zombies you will ever see."  --Carrie Robinson 
I like this Carrie Robinson.  Chocolate maniac:

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