Monday, November 16, 2009

We are not animals. Most of us, anyway.

"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize."
from the film Steel Magnolias
I don't actually remember this quote.  I am re-quoting.  That's better than re-gifting.

I do remember one that goes something like this,
Dolly Parton regarding her shoe size:
"In a good shoe I wear a 6, but a seven feels so good I buy an 8!"

And Dolly on girdles:
"These thighs haven't left the house without latex since I was 13!"

She had the best lines.  But I can never remember them correctly.  As my friends and family remember what was really said, please comment so others can accurately re-quote.  Jen?  Carol?  Doug? Mhop?

Well, at last my ability to accessorize is in tact. And I have opposing digits.

(Doug's accessory is the telephone)

Eddie can also accessorize.  But sometimes I think he may be an animal. 

What kind of animal is Eddie?

side note: Dolly Parton's niece was a flight student of Doug's.  He says she always had some good lines.  Though several cannot be repeated.

and a post script:  You may not be able to see how cute these earrings are.  But since I look pretty cute, I chose these photos.


Oma said...

I just love the pictures! Love, Oma

Laura said...

the earring are indeed adorable... but i must ask...are you wearing a backpack??

Cindy said...

heh heh.
I guess my trendsetting vest over my playful summer dress does not photograph as well as it looks in person! Because it was smashing at lunch, was it not?

Lorinda said...

love the earrings. and glad to hear about the thing that separates us (whew!). I think your quotes are right on. It's the sentiment that counts.

jlbessel said...

So funny that you mentioned the earrings as I was squinting to try and see them better!

cara said...

How fun! I love Atlanta too. Your kids are beautiful! Loved watching your funny boys @ Camp Loll this summer! I don't need
(as in your drawing) I just wanted to survey the scene! Cara