Thursday, November 12, 2009

How Much Is Enough?

My friend, Corinne, once taught a lesson called "How Much Is Enough?"  She used Hershey's bars as a visual example.  She passed around "fun size" Hershey's bars and we all were glad to have a treat.  Then she asked us, as she held up a regular size Hershey's Bar, "wouldn't you rather have this?"  And then a Ginormous Hershey's Bar--you see where this is going.  Personally, I'd rather have this:

But I get it.

A few years ago I came to the realization that I didn't need to upsize my house just because we were at that phase in our lives.  I looked around me and realized that we were happy and comfortable and could raise our family in this house.  We don't need bigger and better.  We have enough.

Now, when I run through beautiful neighborhoods (especially the piano teacher's neighborhood that has tree-lined streets and wrap around porches), it is enough to enjoy the beauty of the houses around me.  I no longer feel I need to own them.  I have enough.  I am enough.  I am happy.

(most of the time)


Bubu said...

70% is yo much for my heart, ahahahaha. Thank fot visit me!!! KISSES FROM SPAIN.

jlbessel said...

Apparently I need to do more running through neighborhoods. You are looking sooo good Cindy!!! How far and how many days a week? I will aspire to be like you.

Cindy said...

oh my, don't aspire to be like me!

I wish I could say that I run long enough for my mind to become clear and my mood happy all the time.
But it is really just 2 miles a few times per week. Alas, I am often foggy headed and grumpy.

And I am looking exactly the same as when you saw me last (if only those 10 lbs would run away). But the magic of the mac photo booth camera somehow is forgiving.

life in yonder said...

Content. It's the best.