Monday, September 21, 2009


(photo taken by Rose when we were in a very hot and primitive youth hostel in Malaga, Spain)

When I was young, people used to tell me I was photogenic. To me it meant that I looked better in photos than I did in real life.  I don't get told that anymore.

Now that I am older, if I am unaware of the camera, I sometimes like my photo. Like the one above. Or maybe it is because I am halfway behind a wall?

When I know the camera is there, this is what happens to my face--I look mean:

(photo taken by someone...)

Usually the mean look is because I am not smiling so my cheeks don't appear chubby, or I think I am looking "natural" (naturally mean?).

Or there is the fake smile, trying to be very casual (and not let the cheeks take over).  Trying to not look like I am posing:

(photo taken by Doug when we were near the top of a church spire in Copenhagen, Denmark)

Even with a talented photographer, I end up with a pinched, fake smile (sorry to throw you under the bus, too, Barb):

(photo taken by Jimmy Toro for the website)

So, thanks, Rose, for getting one while I was looking the other way  (and partially covered by a wall).  Now that I am no longer photogenic, does it mean I look better in real life?

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Tara said...

You know the same exact thing has happened to me as well. I once took a decent photo; I had dimples and smiles came easily. Now, I look like someone just reminded me I have a gyn. appointment. I think the world of you, but we probably should avoid photos together:)