Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Flow and Beauty of Running

Eddie at an XC meet

Jax at an XC meet

Jessie A. once told me that seeing a runner on the street gives her the urge to run.  I didn't believe her then.  I wasn't yet a runner.

Now I know what she was talking about.  Seeing someone run fluidly reminds me of how good it feels when I get into what I call the "rhythm" or flow of my run.  And it makes me want to move.

Yesterday I saw three deer running through the neighborhood.  I stopped the carpool and just stared in awe.  It made me want to move.  Humans were also made to run.  It is a beautiful form of movement.

I admire the stamina, determination and tenacity it takes to run Cross Country.   I see the effort and time my boys put into this sport.  Again, I watch with awe. 

I wish my photography skills could capture the moments better (and that my camera would take the picture right when I push the button--I get lots of shots of the port-a-potties in the background just after my runners fly past me!).

For more on running and flow, check out Danny Dreyer's book Chi Running (  Then tell me what you think about it.

BTW, this is what Liv thinks of the XC Meets (boring!):

Yes.  Things of beauty.

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Buzz Carter said...

I think running breeds cowardice.