Friday, August 6, 2010


The first day of the school year often brings
new routines.
It's kind of like the first day of the year brings
new resolutions.
On the first day of school, I believe I can reinvent myself.
Like suddenly I will become the person I think I should be.

This week I turned over a new leaf.
I am in the running for supermom.

I remembered to take pictures of my children on the first day.
 Teenagers are not as enthusiastic about this.

I made a breakfast casserole before the annual
back to school bash
(I usually slink in empty-handed--because I have four kids).
In fact, I even made an extra casserole for dinner.
No more frozen burritos for this lucky family. 

After the brunch, I came home and read
(instead of getting sucked into the computer or TV).

Day two and I was still at the top of the polls.
Note the healthy and delicious after-school snack:


day two and a half, and all I can think about is sleeping in.
And maybe watching some Project Runway.
And eating chocolate.

I know I can't keep playing the supermom game.
Can I withdraw my entry?

Be careful when reinventing yourself.
Who you think you should be is maybe not
who you want to be.


Jill said...

Ha Ha!! I try to reinvent myself in September every year too!!

And I just finished the Secret Life of Bees about a month ago. Good!

Cindy at LottieBird said...

I thought I was the last one on earth to read it!
Well, I guess I still am...

I wish I didn't have to reinvent myself until September. Maybe it would stick better if I had more time to practice...August is a month for swimming, not school!

Quiltgirl said...

love this post!!

Jenny Moore said...

I'm with you Cindy...August is for swimming, sleeping in and eating junk food...let's not think about school until September!!!

Cindy at LottieBird said...

I feel I must apologize for Atlanta.
We have really let you down.
First the winter crummy weather.
Then the summer crummy weather.
Now the school schedule.
What is this place coming to?
I hope you stay anyway!
And I hope the old Atlanta that I know and love returns!
At least the weather.

Quiltgirl said...

i've been thinking about this, Cin. I realized that i do this Supermom/wife/woman expectation every Monday morning. Well, I start planning it on Sunday evening. No wonder I am so depressed Tuesday(I start on Monday evening) thru Saturday. Maybe this is why Sunday is my favorite day.