Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Dear Lovely Young Art Teacher,
I completed my homework assignment.
I sat in front of a full length mirror,
book propped on my knees and against my reflection,
as I sketched my self-portrait.
It took a long time.
It took a lot of courage.
I hope you are never asked to do this.
When you are forty-something.
By a Lovely Young Art Teacher.

I now inform you in writing that I will be dropping
Visual Communications 124, Drawing.
Thank you for your time.
Shattered Bubble


Quiltgirl said...

Cindy! really? not that i've done it yet but the older i get the more fascinated i am by the idea of self-portraiture. don't drop the class :)

Cindy at LottieBird said...

That is because you have not yet turned 40 ;-).
With my 40 something lines in my face, no matter how I drew myself I looked mad!

I didn't drop the class because of this, actually. It was at the same time as the computer graphics class I really needed and so I was attending both as best I could until I got the graphics one added for sure. Drawing will be a future endeavor.

Jill said...

Ha Ha, Cindy. That's great!