Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why I Never or Minivan Pride

I may have had a quest to not become cliche. 
But I never did say I would never drive a minivan.
I never had minivan pride.
Picture this.  In blue.  Which did not make it more attractive.
As evidenced by my first minivan.
A Plymouth Voyager with faux wood paneling.
Like the Griswold family vehicle.*
But a minivan.
That was old.
That we bought with cash.
When we didn't have much cash. 

 After the Voyager, I spent years in a Landcruiser.
Ten years to be exact.
And $837,689.23 in gasoline.
She was perfect for Alaska.  But not so great for Atlanta.
Years of dragging around the
truck type family vehicle
helped me realize that I never again wanted to drag around a
truck type family vehicle.
I wanted this:
The luxury of the Odyssey.  I'm serious.
Now I spend much of my ordinary day with my fanny plastered in the
ergonomic seat,
smoothly navigating traffic,
with my sunroof open,
and my dog.
And I feel lucky.

I like my office with a view.
And I know that my identity does not come from what I drive.
It comes from within.

And from cute shoes.

* Vacation with Chevy Chase--remember?
Just for fun, waste some time watching Swagger Wagon videos.

1 comment:

laura said...

now that the "racing stripe" is gone you can hardly identify it as a minivan!!!