Sunday, August 22, 2010

Never, Never Land

Doug and I were idealistic when we were newly married.
We swore we would never live in a ranch house.
The first home we owned.  Built just for us.

And certainly never, never a split level.
The second home we owned.  Customized just for us. 

We would always live in the city, either in a modern loft,
or charming cottage.
We would always have fresh flowers on the table. 
We would always hold hands.

But that was before we knew about choosing good schools.
And budgets.
And sometimes feeling grumpy.

Anne Tyler, in her novel Saint Maybe, wrote:
"When did you become ordinary?"
When I first read this line, which a mother said to her adult daughter, I was full of fear.
What if I became ordinary?

But now I know, being ordinary is not a curse.
Trying too hard to avoid being cliche,
and possibly missing your happiness,
that's the real curse.

Take it from the happy girl who was never, never going to get married
while attending Brigham Young University.
And who lives in the 'burbs.
And who drives a mini-van.
Life on a suburban cul-de-sac
When were you caught in never, never land?


The Cannon Family said...

Erik swore he'd never marry a girl who lived in Wyoming and certainly not a girl from BYU :o)

bonnie jack said...

Right, like I was never going to marry a music major, or someone from southern Utah County (cowboy country...)

I still don't know if I can ever drive a mini-van.

Don't quote me on that in a few years, k?

rose said...

Looking at these old homes makes me homesick, I almost cried. Means that we were happy in those homes, right?

Dani said...

I love your first home. It's beautiful.

Quiltgirl said...

that wasn't exactly a split level... just that the living room/kitchen was upstairs, right? in AK?