Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Summer Essay

There's that essay you write when you go back to school:
"What I did This Summer."
Here is my essay.
Of sorts.

 One perfect morning, we ignored this:

Because overlooking this:

We decided to hike below this:

We climbed down this:

Through this:

Over this:

Under this:

And in this:

It was his idea:

But I went along:

And for our efforts, we got this:

And this:

Was it worth it?
What do you think?
Share your summer essay with me.
Talk to me.


Jenny Moore said...

Wow! That is gorgeous!
Where in the world were you? With the Hoppers you never know!!! :)
Yes, I would say it was worth it!

am901 said...

Beautiful place...beautiful memories....OK my essay will be turned in by Monday Miss Cindy :)

Jill said...

lovely essay, Cindy! A+ for adventure, beauty, and creativity!!

Jennifer said...

You have an amazing way of telling a story. Very beautiful.

bonnie jack said...

Mine's not nearly so eloquent:

laura said...

we went here
(envision a photo of nowhere)
and did this
(envision a photo of nothing)
we climbed this
(envison the stairs to the bedrooms)
and we went thru this
(envision the weeds in the front yard)
we ended up here
(envision us in our home in acworth)
and got this
(envision smiles and hugs ... some contention....mostly love)
was it worth it?
you bet!!
anytime we are together as a family...it's WORTH IT!