Thursday, October 1, 2009

What makes you happy?

I am a sucker for a dog.
Especially my dog.
Trudy is happy to ride in the car with us.  I love the smiles and laughs she gets from people in the other cars as they point her out to their passengers.  They look happy to see her shaggy head sticking out of the window and smiling (yes, she smiles).  There is something about the pain of driving grudgingly through ATL traffic that dissipates when you see a dog enjoying the ride.  That makes me happy.

I am also happy to have the teenagers choose my van at carpool so they can ride with Trudy.
It makes me feel popular.
Well, I have to take what I can get with teenagers.


Tara said...

This photo makes me laugh. Does Trudy walk into walls? Serious bangs.

My happy list is long and fickle.

Cindy said...

I remember years ago when your daughter told you that if she could just have "a new sofa, a trip to Disney World and some make-up," she would be happy. Am I remembering it right?

Trudy does not walk into walls, but often can't find a treat we have thrown her. And we mock the poor girl. Like she could cut her own bangs...

And, do you get my reply when I post it here?

Laura said...

i will have to admit that lots of things make me happy -chocolate, cash, tallulahs jewelry- oh wait i mean my children's laughter, several verses from the bible, sunsets, :P (is that better?)
but not dogs.....not dogs....