Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Woo Hoo! Dani won!

Doug has a little toy I found for him, and gave him on a particularly good occasion.
It is Homer Simpson saying,
"WOO HOO!  This is the greatest day of my life!"
The little toy sometimes "speaks" at unexpected moments.
It always makes me smile.

Happy Homer came to mind when I used to draw a winner.
And I smiled.
Congratulations, Dani!

And any guesses on Doug's happy occasion?


The Cannon Family said...

Has to be the day he married you :)

Quiltgirl said...

well that isnt what i was thinking but i can't say what i was thinking. sorry is this a family program?

Cindy at LottieBird said...

ha ha ha ha ha, Cami.

Actually, I don't think the Simpsons were around when we got married. Certainly not the kitschy little toys!