Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fading Away

I am fading away.
My color that is.
Do I get sun bleached as I age?
This fading coincides with the fading of my eyesight.
(and it is somehow linked to an increase in chin hairs).

It seems that eventually I will be invisible (will my chin hairs be invisible, too?).

Until then, I like this:
 (Lip stain lasts all day.  Covergirl 435 "Flirty Nude" is my current favorite.)

 To which I add this:

(This keeps my lips just the right amount of slickery throughout the day.)

And then I have a little color and a little softness.  

Add to these my plethora of eyebrow pencil, bronzer, and self-tanner,
and I am a more colorful me.

Are you fading away?
What are you doing to counteract invisibility?
Is there a lipstain you recommend?
I wonder if the robbers liked my Dr. Pepper lip gloss!


Jill said...

Okay, I tried the CG lipstain upon your recommendation! It looked like I let a 3-year old put marker on my lips. Is there a secret to applying it?? :)

Oh, and your toes look pretty in that other post!

jlbessel said...

I am of the thought that as we age, less is more. I too am obsessed with eyebrow pencil. Benefit has a great brow kit. I love my Loreal two step mascara that only comes off with WARM water and I flit between Dr. Pepper, chapstick, and Burt's Bees to finish off the masterpiece. Oh, and I too am a fan of the self-tanner. Love Long and Fade Less!