Monday, June 28, 2010


Why are cottages so appealing?

I grew up in this cottage:
 (Small town Idaho life on my favorite street).

I fantasize a simpler life if I lived in one of these.
Where do cottage dwellers put their stuff?
(Two examples of my favorite type of Utah cottage.  I love the curves and slopes.)

What would I do with my stuff?

I would fit comfortably in a McMansion.
Yet that doesn't suit my fantasy.
(Still, it sure would be nice to have the space.)

How about a McCottage?
(I like this one.  It is an original cottage stretched out with new additions).

This one is for sale.
(That's a lot of work).
(The lovely street in Utah where I found these cottages on a morning walk).

I guess I should just do some de-junking.
Can my cottage have a McGarage?
Anyone want to come and get rid of some stuff for me?
If you don't tell me what you've tossed, I probably won't miss it.


Quiltgirl said...

are you sure? i think my husband threw away my joann coupons yesterday. grrr.

Jennifer said...

Oh my heck! (Notice the Utah lingo?) Getting to throw things away for people is my dream job! Sign me up. Seriously, though, I think the answer is attached to your second picture--we all need to somehow get onboard with the idea that a simpler life = less stuff. I always want it to mean that Dave doesn't have to go to work anymore, but please leave all my stuff intact.

Cindy at LottieBird said...

Can you just throw away Doug's stuff? Just kidding. Actually having my stuff sorted and largely tossed would really lighten my burden. And make more room for his stuff. The weight of it on my mind is the real burden.

Dian Von Furstenberg says, "When we learn to pack lightly, we learn to live lightly." I'm still working on the packing--and it's getting better. Hopefully the living lightly won't be far behind.