Thursday, June 3, 2010


I heard a great story.
It's from a friend of a friend.
So it is true.

Laura's friend, Cyndi, went shopping with her mom and aunt when she was a little girl.
She watched as the ladies each took the same skirt into the dressing room.
Cyndi's mom came out and her size 8 self fussed and said 
"Does this make me look fat?  
I don't think it's flattering.
I've GOT to start exercising!" 
Cyndi's aunt came out in her much larger skirt, threw her hands in the air and said, 
"Isn't this skirt wonderful?  
I look great!  
Watch me twirl!"
And Cyndi did just that. 
She watched her aunt twirl.
That's when Cyndi decided that when she grew up, she would twirl.

I've been visualizing myself twirling.
You know, not just about body image
but twirling happily through my day,
 instead of spinning my wheels in stress.
Looking for the positive and feeling the joy.
Seeing the beauty and not the flaws.
In everything.

It's a great reminder.

Have you twirled today?


The Cannon Family said...

Thanks, Cindy. I needed to be reminded to twirl today :o)

Quiltgirl said...

i wanna wear a tutu! and spin and jump! thanks for the smile.