Saturday, June 19, 2010

Letting Go

It seems I will be doing a lot of letting go this summer.
("I didn't know it would go so fast" is not just a trite phrase anymore.)

Today I take my boys to work near Yellowstone for the summer.
(Camp Loll's Lake of the Woods--also known as "God's own lake.")

Tomorrow I take my oldest to the airport for a job in Madrid.
(Madrid city map)

Sometimes doing something good requires doing something hard.

I can do hard things.

What about you?
Share with me your challenge that had good results.
Remind me.


Dani said...

What the heck is she going to be doing there? That's so awesome!

jlbessel said...

I read this with a heavy heart. When I woke up today my first thought was that the last time our family lived together as a unit was in England in our beloved village of Snailwell. I didn't know the four years we were there, how much that time would mean to me.

Do we record everyday and re-live them? Or do we keep moving forward, never looking back? I guess we must find the balance. I think I have avoided thinking back because I will feel like I lost something. When in fact, I have added something wonderful to the world.

Cindy at LottieBird said...

I like that. We add something wonderful to the world. This is our purpose, right?