Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You can't always get what you want

Remember how I wanted that big, fat doughnut last month?
I finally had it.
I hosted my book club friends.
We read my favorite book.
I served this:
The chocolate frosted Bavarian custard filled doughnut was not as good as I remembered.

Has that ever happened to you?
You crave something but the reality is not as good as the memory. 
And not just with food.  Sometimes with people.  Or activities.  Or last summer's favorite outfit.
However, this was pretty darn good:
Doug made the crust, I made the filling, and Olivia decorated.

In the story, "How to Make an Apple Pie," Flo, the aging "neighbor lady" writes to a now grown Ruthie about the apple pie Ruthie helped make when she was young.

It is one of my favorite stories in the book.
And not just because we read and reread it so we could get the ingredients just right.  

Tell me, when you do read it, what is the "secret ingredient" she promises to share?

I wish you could taste it.
It was a perfect "bright sweet, not a dull one."
This is because of the lemon and green apple combination.
"you always need lemon even if it's just a little because a lemon is like a brassiere, it offers support even though you can't hardly see it."

You really have to just read it.
You will fall in love with Flo.
And you will want to make an apple pie.


Quiltgirl said...

so you made it home in time?

Quiltgirl said...

I was seriously craving a donut today. and I don't even really like donuts.