Thursday, April 22, 2010

Out of breath

You know how sometimes something seemingly ordinary takes your breath away?
Maybe it was the Spring colors.
Or maybe the Utah altitude.
But when I went for a run near PlumCreek, my breath was taken away.

Over and over again.

All of these "ordinary" scenes  called to me that morning.
I had to catch my breath.

(Serendipity.  This red van drove by just as I was running up to take the donkey's picture by his blue barrel.)

I wish my photography skills could plant all of this beauty inside your eyes.
Or heart.
Or somewhere like where it landed in me.
(I just love the way the blue garbage cans are lined up, pointing toward the mountain.)

And some trucks for my friend, Jenni:
(I was afraid if I got a better shot of this one, I might get shot.)

And a little vignette Olivia created today:
(An arrangement she made for no reason at all.  Except maybe to give me breathing lessons.)

What has taken your breath away lately?


Jenni Horne said...

Love the truck pics. What a great place to vacation. Was it Spring Break??

bonnie jack said...

you saw a lot of stuff i have never seen, though i lived at plumcreek for most of my life. i guess i never went running.

Cindy at LottieBird said...

Bon, I thought the same thing! Most of it was just around the corner--no running needed.

Jill said...

I understand what you mean about beauty taking your breath away (and then not being able to totally capture that in the pics.) I think you did a good job of transmitting, however!