Monday, April 19, 2010

The zoo within and the zoo without

Some pictures can call up a memory so clearly that I vividly feel what I felt the moment the picture was taken.
This picture brings me such a moment.
And that moment makes me chuckle.
(Eddie and Jackson with cousin Will)
We visited Hogel Zoo in Salt Lake City with cousins during Spring Break
(mental note: South in the spring!).
(The first morning of our vacation.  No wonder we aren't tan!)

Eddie, so much my son, was people watching at the zoo.
His wry comment, "there's the zoo and there's the zoo."
With this he tipped his head at the folks surrounding the cages.
He noticed.
(Jackson, Will and Eddie unwillingly standing still for a photo-op)

The teenage boys then went wandering off to take pictures of things they considered humorous.  
Of those, I will share this:
 (Though I don't think it's nearly as funny as they do!  I was there once.  With them.)

But the rest will be their story to tell.
And when they do, I will chuckle.

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